Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Boy

In some ways, time is moving slowly with a baby, but when I think about him already being around four months, I am reminded of how fleeting this time is. Since time is precious these days and I don't have a lot of it to spare, I am writing a list of things I don't want to ever forget about my four month old baby boy.

The smell of your downy hair.
Your wide toothless smile that is so big it looks as if you are screaming a silent squeal of joy.
Your pretty eyes.
Your cheeks and thighs are both chubby and solid simultaneously.
The perfect twist of your belly button.
The way we can fold you in half like a pretzel.
The way you roll over with one knee bent to the side.
The way you love to grab your feet, and sometimes even fall asleep while doing so.
The funny little tuft of hair you have in the back that is darker than the rest of your head.
When you crawl up my belly when I hold you.
I say "I kiss you" and you anticipate me planting one on your cheek.
Your quiet giggle.
When someone smiles at you, you smile back and then get coy and turn away.
The sparkle in your eyes when you see your sister after she has been at school all day.
When you nuzzle your face into my neck. Heaven!
After you have been fussing in your crib and I open the door you are already smiling before I even walk over to you.
Your little fingers wrapped around my hands.
Nuzzling my face into your neck. Also heaven!
The way you reach for little toys now.
The affection you have for the little soft froggy that is in your car seat.
How much you love the water, and how much you kick whenever you are in it.
When I pick you up to nurse you at night how you start to try to suck before we even sit down.
How you fall back asleep in my arms and look so beautiful that I have to stare at you every night.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It amazing how absolutely screwed up you can feel when you don't get sleep. With a three month old it is to be expected that I am tired, but after a few months without a solid night, I am a bit testy. I wake up wanting it to be night again so we can try again for a better night. I am jealous of my daughter who goes to bed and sleeps about eleven hours and wakes up ready for fun. Then I come and squash her dreams with a tired and cranky attitude. I am reminded constantly that it gets better and I know eventually it will, but I want to wake up ready for fun too. I am tired of waking up ready for bed.