My name is Shea Andreone -- I'm from New York City, but moved to Los Angeles in my early twenties, figuring that struggling through my twenties would be slightly more fun here than there. I was right. 

I'm partial to things involving little to no competition, so I logically chose to spend many of my best years as a competitive skater and actress. In spite of my theatre and education degrees from Empire State College, most of my income-generating pursuits have revolved around yoga, spin bicycling, babysitting and pre- and postnatal personal training. My writing experience includes years and years of well-kept journals and essays, writing classes resulting in grades of A or higher, and a few plays that went on to be produced in LA. 

My husband and I, often with dropped jaws, spend half the time being part of the materialistic, image obsessed city of Los Angeles, and the other half of the time viciously mocking it. I'm a stay-at-home mom that rarely stays home, who instead prefers to squeeze in as many errands and fun activities into one day as humanly possible. I have a little girl, dubbed "Twig" for the purposes of the blogosphere, and a baby boy who is no longer a baby.

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