Friday, January 25, 2013

My Boy-5 Months/ My girl 4 years

Another month has passed. It was a pretty busy one between a visit from my whole family and little Bud's first cold which turned into croup. Not a lot of sleeping, but during the chaos more personality emerged which results in more of a blossoming love fest between my boy and me. Here is another quick list of the highlights of month five.

The way you laugh when we kiss you under your arms.
The weight of your head sinking into my neck when you fall asleep on me.
The smell of your sweet baby breath.
Your soft blond hair beginning to fill in around your head.
The way you look to see if your sister is in her car seat whenever I put you in the car.
How happy you are when she sings to you.
When she teaches you about how things work, and tells you about your feet, or trees, and how you have to be kind to people. You look up at her trying to take it all in.
The squeels and screams you let out when you are happy.
When I pick you up you reach right for my cheek to give me a huge open mouth version of a kiss.
You clutch my neck and hair with your little fingers and although it isn't very gentle I have decided you are trying to give me a hug.
I put you down on the wood floor and you scooched across it while simultaneously licking it as you go.
Still love to suck your toes, making it hard to change your diaper, but you look too happy for me to take them out of your mouth.
How you will smile at anyone and make friends wherever we go.
You sleep 8 to 9 hours a stretch at night now. Phew!
You still don't like napping in your crib so I rock you to sleep sometimes and your cheek ends up right by mine and it makes me want to freeze time forever just to stay cheek to cheek with you.

My sweet girl. At four she is a feisty one, but doesn't cease to impress me. I am in awe of her and can't believe she is already such a little person. When I look at her I feel confident that I am doing a sufficient job as a parent (most of the time). We have challenging days and clashes here and there, but she is growing and that can be painful for all involved. My Lovey you have my heart.

The way you wake up in the morning and hide under your covers with the flashlight waiting to surprise me each day.
How you love books and have begun to figure out how to piece together words to read.
You are so little and cute but with such a huge personality.
Your hairstyles: two braids, a crown, one braid coming down, two low ponytails, rainbow braids, one ponytail, just a clip on the side.
Your sweets obsession. You take after me there.
When you use the words "prefer" "mention" or "solution"
When I overheard you talking to your friend and when she asked you what violence was you answered her by saying "violence is when people are not nice to each other and not nice to the world, and that is not good"
You are aware of those less fortunate then you and often say"I care for them"
Your brother loves you and you love him. You like to play with him and sing to him, you are such a great big sister.
The way you snuggle with me, and on those occasions that we get to share a bed on vacations, you are the best sleep-hugger there is.
When you smother me with kisses.
When I look at you and see how much we resemble each other.
How loud your laugh is when something silly happens on "Curious George" you favorite show.
The way you make friends so easily.
How joyful your spirit is.

My love bugs I adore you both and not a day goes by without feeling grateful and proud to be your mother.