Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Enjoy Every Minute!

Every minute is not enjoyable though. I try to savor these moments but some of them I would like to hurry up and put behind me. The lack of sleep thing is insane and I have tried to find a solution to this issue for my now nine-month-old but nothing is sticking. I'm far less precious about it all this time around and yet he is not a quick study as far as sleep is concerned. I wish he could love it as much as the rest of us do. It's a pretty great thing when you get enough of it.

My amazing daughter isn't always so amazing either. She is a love, so smart and so sweet but wow, she can be annoying sometimes. I swear she woke up this morning as if she drank a can of Coke before she got out of bed. She was so loud and so jumpy. She was singing Jingle Bells while shaking both a maraca and bells. It was 8 a.m. on a Friday in February. I am not taking the baby to any baby classes like I did with her because clearly he is getting enough stimulation at home.

I am playing a constant game of catch-up these days which is better than a month ago when the list just kept piling up, but I still feel a bit overwhelmed. Twig is starting kindergarden in the fall and we are talking about the possibility of moving into a new house. When I look around this house I get hives thinking about how I would begin to pack it. I keep hearing my friend saying "one box at a time" which is true but at the rate I get things done right now we will get packed in time for her to start middle school.

Between nap schedule, carpool pick up, cooking meals, changing diapers, running errands and maybe just maybe some downtime at night to remember what my husband looks like, I have very little time to just be in the moment. Then someone will say "Enjoy every minute." In fact I think my mother said it this morning. If I really think about it I am maybe more present than I have ever been. I am watching every move my baby makes, I am there to listen and work out any emotional or physical trip-ups my daughter has, I am completely wiped by the end of every day and I can say most of it was still enjoyable. I get to watch two small people navigate through each day, steer them in a clear direction and help them brush themselves off when they encounter bumps along the way. I get greeted with smiles or kisses almost everytime I walk through the door, I snuggle them both down every night and take as many opportunities a day to inhale them when I hold them close. Every minute seems to fly by and when I embrace each of them it is apparent that they seem to be growing bigger in my arms, so I will heed the advice. I just hope I can remember it when they are driving me crazy.