Friday, January 24, 2014

If I Had More Time

These are things I would likely do:

Study a foreign language
Travel to the country where they speak the language I studied
Write more
Take an improv class
Take an acting class
Go to therapy
Meditate, and then maybe I wouldn't need therapy
Go shopping by myself
Get acupuncture
Get a pedicure
Get my haircut
Work part time
Finish that children's book I have been working on forever
Start cooking dinner earlier each night
Find more dinner recipes to cook each night
When I read the news online, I would actually click the "more" button more often
Work out longer
Bake even more than I do
Organize my kitchen better
Clean out the junk drawer. It's bothering me.
Go through my daughters room and clear it of junk when she is at school.
Take the faded paper ball off the tree outside this window. It was from a party 5 months ago.
Facetime my family more.
Spend one on one time with each of my kids.
Spend one on one time with my husband.
See a movie
See my friends.
Read a whole book
Learn to knit
Practice better posture
Practice yoga more.
Practice patience more

If I had more time I would have finished this post 3 weeks ago when I started it!

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