Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Where There Is a Kim There Is a Way

Although we are not able to socialize with our friends in person these days, I feel lucky to live right near a few good friends that I see from a distance when we are out walking the dog each day. One of which, is actually making this whole quarantine thing fun each day. For those of you who have never met Kim Wilson, I feel a bit sad for you. This human brings joy to everyone she meets, just with her bubbly energy alone. To add to that, she is always up for something fun. She is positive, enthusiastic, creative and driven. I met her at our children's elementary school when "we" first started there. She is one of those moms who is always involved, but it never looks trying to her.

Over the last few years, Kim and I have collaborated on countless events, projects and fundraisers. She is one of my favorite people to team up with because no matter how concerned or overwhelmed I get with it all coming together, she is always confident and calm that it will be fine. So far she has never been wrong on this. Even if we run into bumps in the road, Kim is resourceful enough to get any train back on the track. She is one of the only people I know that is clearly an adult, but has this wonderful ability to be youthful and silly. I love the ideas she has and I love joining her in making those ideas happen.

Over the first few weeks when we were stuck at home I made a scavenger hunt for my kids and once they found everything, they left it all in place for Kim's kids to find too. The next day, she and her kids painted rocks for my kids to find. Not long after, more and more neighbors from the complex joined in to leave painted rocks for people to admire. Each day, when I am out walking, if I see Kim's patio door is open, I call up and say "Hello Kim" and if she can hear me she comes out to say hello. From a story above me, she has become my Juliet, saving me from these strange times. We talk about gardening projects, sourdough bread, sewing masks for neighbors who need them, obstacle courses to draw the kids, homeschooling, and what we are making for dinner.

There is a lot we have in common. In normal times we would go for walks together, spend summer days hanging out by our pool. We shared a passion for plant-based recipes, health and wellness. We helped our daughters create their popsicle business "Popcycle" by making homemade popsicles with them so they could sell them from their bicycles the last two summers. Our daughters both grew their hair long so they could cut and donate their hair at the same time.

To say we come from different backgrounds is an understatement. Kim is a practicing Mormon, who grew up on a farm in Utah. I am a not-so-religious Jewish girl from Flushing, Queens. She once realized that by the time she turns 45 she will be an empty nester, and I responded that at 45, I would be standing right here talking to her. Despite these differences, we are very close. I enjoy our friendship daily and I am so grateful for her. Just when I get down about being stuck at home, Kim is there on her terrace reminding me that we can do this.

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