Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Doers Do

Everyone I know is dealing with their own version of cabin fever right now. If you are stuck inside with loved ones, there is bound to be a time where you get annoyed with them. As humans, I don't think we were meant to spend this much time in our homes with other people. Considering all that is going on in the world, and here at home, we are doing well. It brings out some interesting elements of our personalities, and my own inability to relax is not helpful right now.

I have never been called lazy, I have been called "the energizer bunny" more than a few times though. Getting things done makes me feel accomplished. I like checking things off a list, stacking them up and knocking them down. Despite the quotes that say "life's most important things aren't on a to do list" or, "to do: live in the moment," I feel I am living my best life presently when going down my to do list. I am not excited by laundry or running errands, but I am thrilled when I get them done. My lists also consist of fun projects, and in the face of this global pandemic, I planned on adding activities to my list such as baking, bread making, brushing up on my Italian, learning to knit or crochet, making scavenger hunts for my kids, listening to new music, reading more, doing yoga, meditation, taking a lot of walks, playing tennis, sewing, art, cooking, and watching movies. We are in week three  hundred now, and I have done all of those things on my list. We have way too many baked goods here, we demolished all of the sourdough bread, and I have a bunch of new homemade wares in my home. We are eating well, sleeping well, scavenger hunting, and spending quality time together. The only thing on my list I am struggling with is chilling out.

In the spirit of all things happening for a reason, I heard on the radio that people need to stop putting pressure on themselves to be productive during this time. As Americans we have this idea that we are not enough if we are not successful. That idea is definitely stuck in my head and I keep thinking about ways to slow down in a very slow time. When I stopped being the PTA president at my children's school, I wasn't sure how I would fill up that time. It took a week or two to adjust, but then I suddenly felt busy again. The woman who took over for me wasn't surprised -- she said, "you are a doer, and doers do." It is challenging for me to be at home and not see more things I need to do. I keep cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing. I am not great at any of those things so I now have plenty of time to practice.

So in my attempt to do just a little less, I will only bake one thing today. I will watch more TV. I will cuddle my kiddos without having to let go. I will flip pages in my magazine and not read every single article. I will play whatever games, however many times my kids want to play them. I will wander when I walk, stop and chat (from a safe distance) when I see people. I will give myself a break if I don't do something important everyday. If I have learned anything so far from this time together, it is that we all needed to take a beat. I am so grateful for my family, even if we are getting on each other's nerves now and again. This will all blow over in a few months (or years)and there will be things about this concentrated period that we might just miss. I am going to take my time, and try to slow down and enjoy it, since we all know, we have it right now.

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