Thursday, January 26, 2012


Pregnancy makes women crazy. That's what I hear people say all the time, and that's how any pregnant woman in a film or on television is portrayed. I don't feel crazy though.

Yes, I cry when watching something moving, or yesterday when my daughter said to my husband, "I made these cookies with mommy." I suddenly felt like I was doing a really great job as a mom. And I had to have a nicoise salad with a baguette the other day. Had to! I don't think these things are crazy though.

I have noticed some interesting feelings come up though. I get so irritated by certain people that, if anything, I should have more patience for. OPK, my husband calls them: Other People's Kids. I am usually so easygoing with all kids. Especially having been a teacher, I have a fair amount of tolerance, but lately I find myself often annoyed. Perhaps it's because I have barely enough in my reserve for my own child right now. My patience runs thin a lot lately. Besides OPKs (and just one or two, not everyone's), I also can't stand people in the grocery store who stand in front of you thinking about what to pick up off the shelf, knowing full well someone is waiting behind them. Today, I actually muttered, "Okay...",  slightly hoping that the lingering women in from of me would take it as her cue to DECIDE already. Oh, and people who walk into an elevator filled with people and feel the need to state the obvious and say, "Wow," as if she has never seen a full elevator car before.

There are other things that don't annoy me, but just make me laugh a bit longer than I should. My husband and I watched "Horrible Bosses" the other day, and there is a scene where the guys are sliding under a closing garage door. Two out of three make it, and then the third tried to slide under the nearly closed door. It's just good, old fashioned slapstick -- nothing new, but as I write this I am hysterically laughing and tears are rolling down my face. It was so funny, I swear. Also, after spending Christmas with her two boy cousins, Twig is convinced she wants a penis. She pees then stands up, puts her hand where her "penis" is, and shakes it off. This was more funny the first time, now she does it to sees if I will laugh again (now I am just there to smile and wash her hands). I was talking to my husband a few days ago and everything that we talked about suddenly seemed funny. Now in hindsight nothing in particular was that amusing. Now after reading some of this I can't really tell. I'm not crazy, just maybe a tad on the edge though.

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