Monday, September 9, 2013

A Date With A Boy

There are many articles out there about spacing between children and what age difference is best for siblings. I had it in my head we would do three in a half years and well, you can plan all you want but things have a way of working out all right in the end. I have a friend who had kids fifteen months apart and then another who had them eight years a part. Everyone finds some of it extremely challenging and other elements of the gap to be easy. My children are three years and ten months apart and it has worked out pretty well so far.

This week I see the beauty in how my daughter being off at school allows me time alone with my boy. Last year she went to preschool and although I had that time with him it wasn't quite as relaxed. The first week she was in class I was busy running errands for her and the house. By Friday I realized he needed some fun just for him. I got in the car with a few ideas but no plan in particular. I started driving and thought of Travel Town. Twig loved it when she was his age so I had a feeling he would too. It was perfect. Not a huge place made it completely manageable for his age. There were trains to climb, a bunch of old cars, miniature trains, and a train he could ride around on.

He started walking in the last month so the feeling of freedom he had was so apparant on his smiling face. I knew he would have fun but I didn't really anticipate how much. The fact that he is boy seems to factor in so early. He was toddling around the whole place pointing to each train and saying "car." He isn't entirely wrong. He was jumping up and down in his seat on the train ride he was so excited. He got to run the length of every train inside and out. It was truly our first exciting mother/son date. I beamed watching him. I think we will be frequent passengers there from now on. All aboard!

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