Thursday, October 24, 2013

Doing "It"

Every so often I get the pang to go back to work, or start a new career. I get inspired -- maybe get as far as making a few calls or sending a few emails and then I try to play out the logistics in my mind of how it would all work. It can be done but it doesn't take me long to realize that it wouldn't be easy. Not impossible, just not easy.

I came across a friend's blog post recently where she said she asked the universe for a very specific request. She said she wasn't too into The Secret but wanted to put something out there that she wanted to manifest. She is a stay at home mom who occasionally works as a writer and performer. She hadn't really brought in much money since she had her son seven years ago and was ready to work. She knew she wanted a job that would still let her be around for her son about 80% of the time (I told you she was very specific).

With her list clear and her skills up to par she got exactly what she asked for. She now is writing and acting in a web series that is part time and exactly what she wanted. I began to formulate in my mind what that would be for me. I have a desire to still perform so I could go back into acting. I could increase my existing business as a personal trainer to more than a small handful of clients. I have an interest in getting certified to be a doula since I have gotten a lot out of assisting in bunch of my friends births. There are a few food ideas I want to market, as well as some theater for social change ideas.

Quickly I realize I have a lot of ideas. Then I realize to execute them it would require time and money. It would also require help for my one year old and probably help for my five year old too. That equals more money. The time part would take away from my kids which is something I don't want to sacrifice. The minute I think of missing a first word or a new step I get really bummed. I very quickly manifest what I already have, which is creative ways to spend time with my kids and still keep my sanity in check. The latter can be challenging at times but I think overall I manage okay.

As for my five year fantasy plan. It will all be there when my toddler goes to school one day. That will come up quicker than I want. This time with him is fleeting. He won't be little anymore by the time I check off things on my accomplishment list, but a career will be waiting when I am read. In any case I need to fine tune that list.

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