Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm Full

One should never ask "what else can be put on my plate?", especially when you feel it's already getting heavy, because there is always more that can come. So perhaps it's best to accept when you've got a lot going on and not complain about it, just in case karma is a real thing. 

I have a full plate right now. I spend every moment I have to spare without my kids (and some with them) trying to find out where we will be moving in two weeks. We have sold our house and to date, can't find a house or apartment in the areas we like. My stomach is in knots and my nails are low, but I am not complaining. There is a huge element of adventure to this. Each day my husband and I find a possibility to get excited about. Nine times out of ten it has been exciting to someone else first, so it's gone by the time we come around, but at least we both agreed that we liked it. 

We also both agreed on a great area we got really excited about for the kids. We have spent all weekend checking it out. Our kids played there and rode scooters all around the neighborhood. We went into the downtown and let the kids play in the water fountain.  The schools all the way through highschool are amazing. We also found about all these cool events going on. In addition we also found out how many people line-up to see rental properties when they become available. Or how people outbid for tiny houses just so they can live in the area. 

It can be tough out there in the real estate world. It's intimidating, and a lot more competitive than I thought. In the middle of all of this we are dealing wth what hopefully will be a really minor health scare with Twig, and then I came down with step throat. It seem to come out of no where and it hit hard too. Fever, chills, the works. Fortunately, the kids didn't get it so maybe it was really just a from of "stress throat", but I had to take antibiotics anyway. 

All of this, and I am trying very hard to keep my stress at bay around the kids. Sure I have moments where I fall short, but I am trying to shelve how overwhelmed I am for when I am not with them. So when we are together we can still have some semblance of a summer. Yesterday I took them out to dinner and when I am in the middle of them, holding both thier hands, I feel magic. A sense of calm comes over me because I feel the current of love flow between us. It feels then that I have all I need and that as long as we are all solid and strong then whatever roof over our head that's coming (barring there is actually one coming) will be more than adequate for us. 

After I got the kids into the car I noticed a woman waiting to pull into my spot. I quickly looked for my key to start the car but couldn't find them. I walked to the other side to look and realized I still had this little monkey mask sitting on the top of my head. I had put it on to try and distract my son while I strapped him in. The woman was still waiting but pulled back to get into a different spot behind us. She had obviously found a better bet than waiting on me. When I finally found my keys she had already parked and started walking by my car. Instead of giving me a dirty look for making her wait she smiled and said " you have your hands full". I smiled back at her and agreed, then she added " but in a good way." I agreed!

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