Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I'm Late

No, not in that way. I am not pregnant -- not having another baby. I'm just late a lot. Not to everything. My daughter has never been late to school or gymnastics. My son never late to a music class. I am just late to birthday parties, social gatherings with certain people, or late to get my son back home for a nap. I have a lot on my plate and most days by the time I get my daughter off to school and try to put shoes on my son, there is an hour gone already. Both kids are not the easiest to get out of the house, and then whenever we go somewhere they never want to leave. I just can't seem to remember that everything takes longer than I think it will.

I myself am the worst dilly dallier. I love to lose track of time. That time has gotten so much more precious, but I still somedays, even with a toddler in tow, walk into a Whole Foods and look at new products and daydream around the store. Somewhere in the third aisle I've wandered into, I will remember I only needed one thing here. It's Whole Foods though, and you will spend fifty dollars for five items, for every five minutes you are in the store. It's a dangerous place to shop if you like healthy food that tastes exactly like the unhealthy versions. Especially the MintThin wanna-be.

I also try to plan ahead. I give myself a time I have to leave somewhere by, and then start making deals with myself taking on an additional five or ten minutes. I will put a parking lot ticket in my pocket for safe keeping and then spend twenty minutes panicked because I can't find it. I did this once and had to pay for the lot only to come home and find it in my pocket. I get so frustrated with these little parking tickets. I am still pissed you have to pay more for staying in a store longer and spending more money. How come no one has established how un-green it is to have to move your car from one corporate store to another because they don't want to share? I feel like such a sneak running to Trader Joe's after I shopped at Target next store, and leaving my car in the Target lot. Doesn't anyone who plans this know how hard it is to get a baby in and out of the car for a two minute drive?

Right now, my days are always sectioned into two, due to a little kid I have that takes a midday nap. I love my quiet time in the middle but it feels hectic making an attempt to get much done before and after nap. Now that my daughter is not napping I can see the beauty in the no nap day. Do what you got to do and come back before bedtime. That being said, I think I might go mad if I had to be "on duty" the whole day with an almost two year old so I take it back. Nap nap and more nap until you are more pleasant to be around when you are tired.

In the evening when both kids are asleep and the coveted me time of the waking hours begin, I watch TV, try a new recipe, chat on the phone, sit with my iPad. All of these are much needed hobbies, habits, or addictions if you want to call it like you see it. I need to look at Facebook and lose a half hour of my life that I will never get back. These things all come at a price though, because I am often late to sleep because I can't get myself to bed on time. Then it all begins again the next day when my husband and I ask each other for "just five more minutes." Tick tock!

This is the first of many blogs that I have written and haven't gotten around to posting.

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