Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Play Time

It's mid-summer and each day, I try to find fun and adventure for my kids. I try to do this throughout the year as well, but summer's long days and warm weather allow us so much more freedom. In getting caught up in planning activities for them, I sometimes forget that playing isn't only for kids. That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed all the fun I've had so far this vacation, but I want to remember the specific things I love and make sure they don't get lost on the bottom of the summer list. So, without further ado, I will make sure the rest of this summer has some playtime in it for me too. After all, its halfway over. 

I love the crisp cold chill that you get when you dive under the surface of the water for the first dunk of the day. I vow to swim anytime we pass a lake, ocean, or pool that allows swimming (barring we are not in a moving car speeding on a highway, I want to stop and swim). I love seeing friends and spending hours together talking, laughing and sharing meals. We all have to eat everyday, so if we can do it together with friends, it's even better. Hoping for more family meals with friends where we cook together, play and eat. Enjoying the weather and being outside makes me happy. Whenever possible, I want to read outside. I want to take long walks. I want to lose track of time.

Thinking back to my own childhood and what things I loved to do as a child, I don't think that my ideas of fun have changed all that much. I used to play outside with friends and reenact our favorite shows. I still love the theatre today. Games were a favorite of mine, and I think I want to play them more than my kids sometimes. I still love watching movies. My movie choices have expanded, but with kids in tow all summer, I feel limited to G and PG rated films. Hopefully, I will get to a grown up movie in the theatre at least once this summer. In the meantime, my couch will have to do. Friends were important to me then and now. I wish I could see more of the close ones from growing up. Often, the nature of the pace of summer allows me time with friends I don't get to see much throughout the rest of the year. I treasure time catching up with old friends and making new traditions.

So, while it is still summer and with just a few more weeks before school starts, I hope to keep the fun flowing as long as possible!

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