Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tough Guy

I spend my days with guy and I am pretty sure that some of the ways he treats me would have been major red flags back in my dating days. He yells at me, rips my clothes when he wants to get under my shirt, acts out in public, keeps waking me up and not won't let me go back to sleep. It does border on abusive. He keeps doing all these things day in and day out and I just keep forgiving and forgetting because I will love him forever.

This of courses is my toddler I am writing about so this behavior comes with the territory. I am not complaining about it either but it dawned on me recently that it is my job to teach him to be a well behaved so that he will one day become a good man. Here is my chance to make a good guy that some other young person can meet one day and hopefully not be crushed by. I also realize as I type this that it is likely that my two children will likely have their hearts broken in addition to breaking hearts, but I hope that who ever hurts them was raised to let em down easy. 

Its hard to imagine my children as adults but making good people starts now and so I face this challenge as patiently and lovingly as possible. I do warn anyone out there who breaks my kids hearts though. I put a lot of time into these two, so I might just have to get all helicopter on you if you decide to get mean for no reason. Just saying, these are my babies!

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