Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

This is a really fun book to read. No matter how many times we read it, it is still entertaining.
Here is my version. It wasn't so entertaining to me while it was happening.

At bedtime last night,
she put up a fight
When she finally slept,
I almost wept
It wasn't going according to plan,
and that's how my Wacky Wednesday began

After biting my nails and feeling "in deep"
I laid on my bed and fell asleep
It was only 8:30 and in my dreams,
parenting this toddler is easier than it seems

11:30 pm and I was up again
and most of my night was gone by then
finally, I got up and onto my feet
looking for something with chocolate to eat

After snacking and watching late night TV
I picked up my book, something adult-like for me
After a page, I was no longer inspired
I turned out the light, How can I be this tired?

This morning I rose after ten hours or more
after all the rest, still hard getting out the door
"Mommy please may I? she says she'll be better tonight
I want to believe her, she has asks so polite

We made it on time to her class, then the store
then back home where I put grocery bags on the floor
I took her upstairs, filled with such dread
nap time, again she might scream off to bed

I read her two books, and kept open her door
Sound machine and light, who could want more?
I barely make it to the landing,
when I see on the monitor, Argh (!!) she's standing

Perfect, of course she won't sleep, just great!
I lie on my bed to think and wait
twenty minutes later she's off to sleep, I love her again and she's the best
now I'm tired again and need some rest.

First I need a snack, I have cookies on my mind
I enter the kitchen and what do I find?
Bags of cold food I brought in hours ago
All gone to waste now? Please Oh no!

So far my lovely Wednesdays been fun,
but wait there is more, it's only half past one
soon nap will be over and then what will we do?
It will all get better, when this day is through

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