Tuesday, February 13, 2018


There are few feelings better than feeling inspired. It's like a heat wave rising up in me when I hear someone speak wise words, see a beautiful film, or read an encouraging story. There is so much right now to be inspired by. As a woman, there is more deserved justice and respect being claimed in this moment in history than ever before. In entertainment, politics, sports, and business, there are more and more women in leadership. We have a long way to go, but we have also come so far.

This morning as I sat down to write, I asked myself what is in my heart in this moment right now. So many of us are trying so hard to live in the present moment. Being present with our loved ones, our co-workers and with ourselves is a goal worth striving for. It is a goal though that sometimes is like swimming against a current. Technology is a total distraction. I, for one, have sensory overload. There are screens everywhere, and keeping up in social media is a job in and of itself. My text alerts interrupt me constantly — I’m sure I can turn it off, but there is that collective urgent feeling we all feel that something important could be missed, and I need to be available.

I have written so many times that I feel like balance is a myth, yet I don't feel one should stop striving for it. The most inspiring woman to me is Oprah and following her Golden Globe speech I know I am not alone in my awe of her. She has five rules she follows for a better life, and so I dutifully take note of her  skills. With any luck I can attempt to start 2018 by following her lead. I have already forgotten 3 out of 5 of them, but one is to start the day with gratitude. Find something to be grateful for when you first open your eyes in the morning. Another is to take some time for yourself every single day. She meditates for twenty minutes in the morning and sometimes twenty in the evening. She doesn't have kids and probably doesn't do her own cooking and cleaning, but she still works her ass off, so there is that. The third I remember is to be present. So right here and right now, I am sitting with that. Without interruption, at least of the technical kind.

Inspiration shows up in so many forms. I can see it daily. Oprah is an obvious one since she speaks on behalf of so many and connects with even more. I can see inspiration in so many more ways though, when I look for it. I took a new class at the gym this morning and the kindness of the class regulars inspired me, the student's strength inspired me. My children innocence and hope inspires me. Public radio inspires me. Other's creativity inspires me to be more creative. The energy is everywhere and so along with my new goals of being patient and present, I am adding being inspired to the list, for if my eyes are open, it shouldn't hard to find.

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