Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sweet Valentines

Valentines Day is not my favorite holiday. It feels like an excuse for big box stores to charge us extra for items with pink hearts on them. It also feels like another day where kids get to eat extra candy, just because, and more work for parents to make enough cards to give to the whole class. Other than that, it is a lovely day to show people we love them.

Today felt a little bit different though. I chaperoned my son's Kindergarten class to the senior center where the kids sang the seniors a Valentines Day song. The children made cards and handed them out randomly to the seniors. If there was ever a way to show love in your heart, this was it. It was so special to see the seniors fawn over the little kids. The whole thing took about 15 minutes, but I wished we could have stayed there all day.

I am quite certain that not every senior and not every child understood exactly what was going on, but it was pretty beautiful nonetheless. There were also plenty who did understand and they were smitten. Especially seeing the children walk up to hand them a card. The adult on the recieving end of the card was so pleased. Our school only does this walking field trip with the kindergartners so I am so glad I went today. A lot of hearts were warmed today, including mine.

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