Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Golden Books

Yesterday my parents and I were at Costco and we saw a box set of books. We were trying to make the decision between getting Curious George or Dr. Suess when Twig spotted the Golden book set. It had "The Pokey Little Puppy" in it and she thought he was really cute. I remembered this book from when I was little, so in my moment of nostalgia we bought the set. Also included were "The Rainbow Kittens", an elephant book and an animal orchestra book. The drawings looked like a vintage throwback, so I was kind of excited to read them to her.

We read two before nap, and much to my chagrin they were so overwritten. "The Pokey Little Puppy" was not at all how I remembered it. The Pokey one keeps disobeying and wanders home late, letting his siblings take the blame for his mischief. We read it and Twig said, "That was a naughty book." Then I read her the elephant book, which was all about a young elephant who hides because a bird tells him he is wrinkly and his features are too big. He almost gets eaten on his way to a safe hiding spot, and is saved by a group of other elephants that he is shocked to learn look just like him (not exactly the message I want to send her). The other two books are okay but so long. So much for my sweet memories of them. I am sure my mom must have paraphrased as she read. I try to do that with Twig, but if she hears it once the right way she corrects me the next time.

I should have probably gone for Curious George, but I took a chance. So sad to get things you were excited about as a kid only to find they aren't as you remembered. She is perfectly happy with them, so until she stops asking, I will continue to read them -- just slightly edited...

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