Monday, April 18, 2011


Tonight Passover begins, and Sunday is Easter. This week is full of friends and family. We will have twenty friends here tonight for seder dinner, tomorrow we head up to San Francisco for a family seder and this weekend down to San Diego for Easter Sunday. I am cooking like crazy and my feet hurt, so I am taking a break to take it all in.

I like that these two holidays have come in the same week this year. They have so many common ties to one another. Renewal, for starters. Spring cleaning (hasn't happened here yet), but it's a lovely idea. Rituals of doing what our friends and families have done for years before us. Thats pretty wild I think.

There is a song that is sung for Passover called Dayenu. It comes at the end of the seder and it is sung in celebration of the freedom the Jews have from fleeing slavery. They have so much to be grateful for but then they keep looking around and they have more and more. Dayenu means and if that wasn't enough there is this.... I want to take a second to do my own Dayenu. Every so often it's nice to stop and look around at all the amazing things we do have.

I love what I do every day, and if that wasn't enough
I live in a beautiful place, and if that wasn't enough
I met an great man who I love so much, and if that wasn't enough
We have a wonderful, amazing, healthy daughter, and if that wasn't enough
We have our parents and they are healthy, and if that wasn't enough
We have supportive families, and if that wasn't enough
We have loving caring friends.

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