Monday, April 11, 2011

Talking Back

Potty training came extremely easy to my daughter. She turned two, took an interest in the potty and never looked back. She had one accident on an airplane when we weren't allowed up and she couldn't hold it. That was over six months ago -- today she had her second one. We went to a swim class this morning and she was not happy about it at all. She got in the pool and soon after said "Mommy, I'm all done" She was scared for most of it, but was brave about trying it all, even through tears.

I held her tightly after the class, but I could tell she was still a bit stunned. She got dressed and before we left I asked her if she needed to use the toilet and she declined. She wanted to go home. Upon pulling up at our house she said she had to go and let out a shreek. She had to go more than she thought and she was really surprised that she couldn't hold it. Her clothes were wet and she was uncomfortable and upset.

As we got out of the car she was crying and wanted to go in and get dry. The worker from across the street was outside. He always talks to us, and mostly she likes him but I think he is freaky. This is the same guy who waved to me through my bedroom window when I realized he could see me from the hillside across the street. He creeps me out a little but Twig is on a first name basis with him. Today when he saw her he mimicked her crying and said "Waa, oh did you go pee pee? Why are you crying?"

For me this was wrong on so many levels. For starters, it's one thing to be friendly but this guy has some boundary issues and cleary needs help minding his own. Secondly, don't give my daughter a flower one day and make fun her the next. She wasn't sure what to do when he asked so I snapped back and answered for her. "She is crying because she is uncomfortable." He tried to back paddle and tell her it's okay and that he makes a pee pee too sometimes, but I was ignoring him and walking away into my house (with curtains on the windows now).

Twig just wanted to get changed and then brought his name up as if he didn't say anything strange to her. To me though, this man brought out my inner-Queens. You can say dumb, insensitive things to your own kids (although I prefer people didn't, since it's just going to make for not nice adults) but you can't say it to mine. Not without getting me really pissed off. If you know me, you know I am pretty friendly so it is rare for me to talk to anyone without being nice. But -- if you insult me, or worse, my loved ones, I am going to talk back. Unless, I think you are packing one. I may get angry, but I'm not dumb.

So as for Mr. Man across the street. I will forgive him quickly and be friendly again tomorrow, but for today I think both of us have said enough.

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