Thursday, June 16, 2011


Frustration List:

Anthony Weiner taking so long to step down (finally, he did...).
When people say things like "brain fart," "my bad," or "panties in a wad."
Standing in line, when people get impatient and try to "talk" you into their frustration with them.
When people ask women if they are pregnant when they aren't.
Solicitors outside super markets.
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
When parents don't wipe their kids noses.
When parents have a bully kid, and aren't near him when they are bullying (which is probably why the kid is such a problem in the first place).
Casey Anthony.
When toy stores carry toy guns.
The smell of 7-11 and 99 Cent stores.
When people talk too loudly on their cell phones.
When someone says they will call you right back, and then they forget.
Gloomy weather one day too long.
Feeling sick.
People who yell outside of your windows.

Okay, I am done now. I feel better.

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