Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Camp Seperation

My Twig starts camp next week. This is the first time she will be going off for a few hours without us near by. Come September she will start preschool so this is her introduction into the "real world" so to speak. She is going to camp with her best friend and I think that will ease her transition a bit. Her friend is two months younger, and so very independent. When we went to see the school her little friend jumped right in without checking once to see where her mom was, while Twig clung to my hand tightly and hid behind my leg. When the teacher asked her little friend how she was she replied "fine", while Twig looked like a dear in headlights and said nothing.
The other night I put her to bed and told her that Grandma was going to stay with her while we went out for a little bit. She panicked, and gave my mom what for. She barely was asleep by the time we got back at ten p.m. My husband and I both discussed how we feared for next week when she starts camp next week. She is a very dependent little one, and very attached. This will be a challenge for her. I am hopeful that like the swimming lessons, each day gets a little easier and that soon she asks to go.

I got an email reminder of what to pack for her for the day, and what time to be there. This is a change for all of us. Especially having to be out the door by 8:30 with a packed lunch in hand. I am already thinking of what to make her for lunch. We have been talking about it, and even practicing saying goodbye and hello again when I get her. Hopefully, it will go as rehearsed.

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