Monday, June 20, 2011

Wake Up

I had two strange dreams in a row the last few days. I think partly, they are the result of watching tv before bed. I saw a story about a homeless Miss America contestant (who much to my chagrin, did not win) and she was staying in a house owned by another family. I also think my dreams could be because I know my husband is leaving his job soon, and although he is in talks with another company nothing is put in writing yet. So my subconcious mind is wondering, I suppose.

My first dream is that my daughter and I went to live with a transvestite in a small New York City apartment. He made us very comfortable, but he only made conversation with my husband. This made me upset, and when I tried to tell my husband about it, I couldn't because the transvestite was always around when I tried. We had to make the situation work because we needed to be in NY for a job, but it was a strange unsettling dream.

The next one involved more people I knew. I had a dream we went to live in a big beautiful modern house owned by this cigar smoking, full-of-himself rich guy. He was funny, but only to a point. We lived in the house with two of my close friends and their families as well. We shared whatever we had and everyone around seemed really happy with the situation. I tried to go with the flow and make it work, but it just didn't feel right. People kept finishing food I bought, and there wasn't a private enough place to sleep. I tried to look at my friends and emmulate their good attitudes but decided I needed to be true to myself. When I went to tell my husband, we really needed our own place to live, he started talking before me saying how happy he was there.

Both dreams I woke up so happy in the morning to find that we lived in LA and in our own house. I'm not sure exactly what either one meant but I do think we will all rest easier when we know what job my husband will be taking next.

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