Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That Time Of The Month

Once a month for women there is a shift, an occurence, an event. When this time comes some women are caught off gaurd, others welcome it, others just know it is coming and are ready when the day arrives. For women, the cycle can vary, or for some it happens at the same time. There is an understanding between women of how this all works, and when it is a particularly difficult month there is a support system from other women to lend a hand, or an ear.

This particular time of the month I am speaking of always occurs on a Thursday, and it involves three very special women, and a cafe on Beverly Boulevard. Once a month I meet these three women, my close friends, and we sum up where we are in our lives in one sit down. We all have children (three of us had girls all within weeks of each other.) We all have goals. We all have ideas, hopes, expectations, fears, and dissapointments. Without judgement, we sit and listen to each other share what did, and what didn't happen this month.

We have known each other for years now, and although we don't spend a lot of time together, we are very close. We've shared weddings, deaths, births, crazy family stories, new jobs, lost jobs, sick times, and happy times. It's no holds barred when we sit down. No topic off limits. We have cried and laughed together, and no matter what is thrown at us in the days prior to our date, we still get together. Motherhood, has been a journey we have shared together and apart from one another. Between the four of us there has been infertility, miscarriges, unplanned pregnancies, IUI, IVF, D&C's, C-sections, natural birth, displaced hips, and a whole in a heart. We have seen a lot in each other and a lot on our own. Some of us are done having babies while some of us are longing for more. Regardless of where we are, or how we go about the next step, we have a bond for each other that jealousy or envy cannot break.

As we all grow, change, and get older I know that we will always have this once-a-month time. I have a feeling no matter how far we move from each other, this meal will always happen. No matter how many vaccines I do or don't give my daughter, or if we choose private over public, church or temple, this meal will always happen. In this short life, it is not often that we come across amazing friends. To have three that I get to see every month is golden. We all look so forward to this day, this time of the month, and we will always have it, even when the "other" time of the month goes away.

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