Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today is Twig's birthday. Three years old already. This day, three years ago, was one of my happiest to date. Since then it has been the happiest three years as well. In honor of her birthday today I want to document who she is right now, and then one day she can read this:

Dear Twig,

You are three years old, with big brown eyes and a wonderfully infectious smile. F's are a tough letter for you to say and so we have let you listen to some dirty songs because you just say "Suck" when you hear the word. We have stopped that now though, just in case your speech improves while you are at school one day. Your favorite breakfast is waffles with "soooo much syrup." Lunch is peanut better and jelly with peas, and dinner is quesadilla. Up until recently, your favorite color was brown, now suddenly it's "mint" which is not just mint green but any shade of green. And also you like black. Your favorite thing in the world is still Baa, your sheep, who you sleep with day and night, and cuddle with when your sad.

You are very sensitive and care when others around you are unhappy. You tell them that it will be okay and that you are right here if you need them. You love babies and love to pat their heads, or stroke their arms and legs. You like to pet dogs, and know just how to hold out your hand to let them sniff you. You like tutu's and skirts that twirl and can belt out a song on your new guitar. When we clap for you, you say "thank you so much." You are imaginative, and come up with funny names for your dolls like "Walla" or "Laola" and recently "Paola." You love to help me cook, especially if it involves making anything with raisins.

You brush your teeth everyday, and like me to put two braids in your hair. Most nights you sleep through the night, but sometimes you still wake us up to ask us to tuck you again. We tried to lure you to stop with stickers, and sometimes you get them. You love lollypops, ice pops, frozen yogurt and party cake. The beach, park, and gymnastics are the places I think you love to got to the most. You love to be with me, daddy, all of your grandparents, your cousins and your best friend.

You have just started going off on your own, and I can see the little person you are becoming. At times shy, but other times you engage in conversations with strangers. You are beginning to make your own decisions -- sometimes you make okay choices, and sometimes not so much. You recently drew all over your wall, bed and sheet with a blue crayon. We asked you where people should draw and you said on paper, so we can see you are just finding how this whole decision making thing works. You are affectionate, and seem to know just when to tell me how much you love me. You love hugs, back tickles, and cuddling.

You are three, and I still think of you as our little girl, and yet before my eyes you are getting bigger. Anyone who said things never change never had a child. Everyday is a new adventure for you. Today for your birthday I feel like among all the gifts, cupcakes, candles and happy birthday singing, the biggest present is the one you give us everyday. We are so grateful to have you and no matter how big you become our love will grow to make a perfect fit for you.

Happy 3rd birthday, sweet girl!

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