Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Freedom Fry

So I guess respecting other peoples decisions as parents is something that hasn't quite spread to the masses yet. It seemed pretty obvious to me, but apparently word hasn't hit the news stand yet that you need to ask a parent before giving certain foods to someone else's child. I suppose it also isn't known to all yet that fast food is not the healthiest. Apparantly, there is not enough out there yet on that one.

Yesterday my husband was holding Twig at a neighbor's house and the neighbor had in-laws there. She kept asking about Twig's weight and commenting on how petite she was. Twig does get her nic name because she is little, but she also is completely healthy and I don't need her getting a complex at three. While she was talking, the woman's husband came in with a bag full of McDonald's. The Golden Arches are holy for some, and I do not judge others religious or dietary choices, but I would never eat there. I know one day my daughter will, but as long as she is little, it's my decision. Or at least I thought it was.

This woman, after commenting on Twig's size more than twice, decided she needed some fries. She shoved the shiny red box towards my girl and offered her a bunch. My husband, who was shocked and at a loss, said, "Oh, that's okay...thank you" but she insisted. Holding Twig, my dear husband said she could take one (much to my chagrin) and she right then and there had her first piece of food that never disintegrates. The ingredients are horrible in McDonalds fries. The oil they use has TBHQ in it (which is illegal in Europe, largely because it never breaks down in our systems). They also contain Dimethylpolysiloxane. For anti-foaming. Yes -- anti-foaming. I didn't know fries foamed. Oh, and beef flavoring. Yum.

Okay, I can come off my high horse now and say that she only ate one. No big deal. It bothers me, but she will survive. What gets me upset though is that this woman not only didn't ask if it was okay, but also insisted she take more. Thankfully by then, my husband walked away, but her assumption was jarring. It is my job to say what she can eat, and thank goodness I have the freedom to choose from a lot of amazing choices. Why didn't this lady get the memo that she needs to defer to us? Now I have to make my kid more precocious and require her to ask her mommy or daddy first.

I'm so glad she likes In and Out fries better.

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