Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I feel lucky when my daughter does things like this:

Kisses me when I haven't asked
Says please and thank you
Tells me she is "dipappointed" that she doesn't get something instead of throwing a temper
Pretends to talk to her friends of the phone and I get to listen to her conversations
Falls down and a kiss from me is all she needs to feel better
Says "It's OK mommy, don't be sad, I am here" when I am sad and that's all I need to feel better
Helps clean up her toys
Does something the first time I ask
Takes a good long nap
Plays independently for more than 5 minutes
Tells my husband to drive safely as he walks out the door
Says"I am so excited about that" when she is looking forward to something
Tells me she likes something I cook for her
Lets me snuggle with her
Dances on the street without any concern of who is watching her or what she looks like
Sings at the top of her lungs
Goes to sleep at night without calling out
Is kind to babies and makes them laugh
Does yoga with me in the morning
Eats her vegetables
Lets me do fun things with her hair
Smiles when I want to take her picture
Laughs hysterically with her best friend
Comes over when I call her
Is reasonable
Out of the blue says, "Mommy, I love you"

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