Monday, August 22, 2011


For the past week and a half, I was away with my family in New York and in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Family Vacation always feels like an oxymoron to me. There are not a lot of relaxing moments involved with my family. Every time I spend time with my family I try to not be surprised by the tension, yet every time I am surprised at how surprised I am.

There are a lot of characters in the group, and despite the chaos we all keep coming back with a strong desire to be together. Our visits always come with stress, and the fun does come but not always very easily. A typical loud New York family, we are often yelling at each other. This was something my husband has never seen before. When he witnessed it for the first time early in our relationship, his jaw was hanging on the floor. Still now when he comes into the mix I am embarrassed about what he sees.

There are no boundaries of space when we are home. My dad gets frustrated and loses his cool easily, and my mom is scattered and spontaneously says things that make my eyes pop out of my head. My brother has a temper and can argue at you until you want to run away. My fifteen year old nephew was also there this time, and although his behavior is pretty typical of that of a fifteen year old, I was still baffled at it at times. I didn't know whether to laugh or hide when at a Friday night dinner with my sister in laws parents he came to the table with his IPod and said that the app on his phone said that his fart was in the key of a perfect A minor. Classy table talk.

Every family has their share of craziness. Some more than others. This trip though I could see that Twig was watching it all with very little going over her head. At one point she said "Don't talk to me that way" Which is exactly what she heard me say to my brother. Here begins the fuel and fund for her future therapy sessions. Ah well, I went through this family and came out okay I suppose. My husband sang circus music in my ear whenever mayhem broke, and I only had to run out of the house once, so overall it was a pretty good trip. We just got back and all I want to do is plan a real vacation now.

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  1. Well done.. I don't think anyone else could have written such an accurate depiction of us with as much tact and humor